Saturday, November 1, 2014

My "Salty" Halloween Costume

I told myself so many times that I would make my Elsa costume. A long, gorgeous blue shimmering gown that would have definitely been a game changer. But time was lacking on my part and I wasn't sure how I was going to pull off the "cool" hostess costume so last minute. We just hosted a Halloween party at our place and between working, school, and party planning I wasn't sure what I was going to be. And we all know that guests always kind of expect their hosts/hostesses to have sweet costumes right....

I came across the idea of being the Morton's salt girl on Lauren Conrads "Tuesday's Ten: Halloween Costume Ideas" post from a few years ago and fell in love it. And the best thing about it, I already had most of the items in my closet! Minus the dress.

So I went to our local consignment store, The Storm Cellar,  and found this amazing Ann Taylor Loft dress in mustard yellow for only $20.00! Not to mention that it's not "costume-y" at all so I can wear it after the holiday as well.

I had a can of Morton's salt in my spice cabinet so I poured it all into a mason jar and I poked two holes in the sides and attached a rope to wear it as a purse to store candy in.

Here are a few photos of our Halloween Dance Extravaganza.


I couldn't locate any of my exact pieces online but here are similar options to help get you started for next year!

H&M Short Mustard Yellow Dress: $24.95
Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella: $16.99
Black Leather Chelsea Boots: $75.78

You guys are awesome, be safe out there!

love always, dallas.