Who am I?

I am Dallas Moreno, formerly known as Dallas Johnson, I am 22 years old and currently live in the small college town of Moscow, Idaho. I am one year away obtaining by Bachelors degree in Marketing to further pursue my dreams of having a career in the fashion industry! I am recently married to my prince charming, Kolton Moreno who owns his own business Himalayan Chai. After graduation, we intended on leaving our simple little life in Moscow for a more exciting and lively lifestyle in the city of Seattle.

Why I blog.

My first blog post was about a friend of mine that I personally asked to be my first blog post. Most people that I had edit my blog before posting said, "It's great, but your bloggers don't know anything about you." Exactly. I wanted all readers to first be excited about this blog; the people, businesses, or other things that I could be writing about.
I originally started this blog to gain more writing experience but it has become much more than just a weekly task to me. I have really grown and love the support of the blogging community. This blog is for you, the reader, to be able to stumble upon what I would consider fashion and beauty secrets from people and businesses all around the world! I have been truly inspired by the amount of small business owners I have came upon online. We live in a world full of wildly talented people!

Can't wait to continue to bring these fashion loves notes straight to you.

Love always, dallas.