Friday, May 16, 2014


Kate Mills is a young graduate of the University of Idaho, with a major in Clothing, Textile, and Design. While a student at the University she and two others started UI Body Con, a club for all students at UI to band together and help create their own elaborate style portfolios. After graduation she started a small career in radio sales in Moscow, Idaho. It turned out that radio sales was not for her and shortly after leaving her job there she began Movv. When I asked Mills, why Movv? She answered with "I needed something to be passionate about, and I wasn't passionate about my current job. Movv is a vision I had to create the shopping destination I had been searching for. One with items that are elegant and posh, fresh with a touch of bohemian, all while being affordable."
Inside one of the first photo shoots for MOVV.
Inside one of the first photo shoots for MOVV.
What is Movv? Movv is an "affordable e-boutique with the feel of a luxury boutique and is an easy elegant take on fresh and fierce versatility and wanderlust glamour." The e-boutique not only features the glamorous jewelry but is now beginning to integrate a few clothing items, like the gorgeous 'Wanderer' tank shown below.
The "Wanderer" tank in noir.
The 'Wanderer' tank in noir.
Back view of the 'Wanderer' tank in white.
Back view of the 'Wanderer' tank in white.
The clothing currently on is not designed by Kate Mills. However, she is in the process of creating a line designed by Movv. The tank below is an item designed by Movv that is not yet for sale but you can be expecting it sooner than later.
Screen Shot 2014-05-12 at 10.01.38 AM
Mills has her own studio in her one bedroom apartment in the heart of Moscow. Her studio is filled with everything a designer could need to promote her own brand. Starting from her sweet and dainty showcase table to her professional photo canvas and lighting. All of which she uses to take her own photos for her website.
Inside Kate Mill's at home studio.
Inside Kate Mill's at home studio.
Owner and designer, Kate Mills, in her studio. Wearing the 8 Other Reasons Massacre Necklace, currently available online for 40% off.
When you purchase an item from shop Movv, your purchase is wrapped and sent out personally by Kate Mills in a crisp white box tied with a "white ribbon of love."
Mimimalist wrapping.
Mimimalist wrapping.
What's next for Kate Mills? What's next for Movv? As Kate Mills gets ready to move away from the town she has known for the past four years and into a much bigger city, Seattle, she plans on continuing Movv even while she may have another career in the city. Mills hopes to be able to launch a many more designs by Movv in the near future.
Perks of an e-boutique, you will always be able to follow Movv where ever it may go!
Currently featuring the collection "8 Other Reasons"
(40% off newest arrivals - jewelry & clothes)
Instagram: @shopmovv

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