Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Hello fellow blogger's and bloggee's!    

 I am excited to announce to you all that Madison Bodenmann of MLKANHNY handmade jewelry has so graciously given one of her beautiful pieces to the 'love always' blog for a giveaway.  Below is a short bio of Madison, as well as details on the piece and how to enter! 

Owner and designer, Madison Bodenmann

     MLKANHNY is a Vancouver Island based contemporary jewelry line. Each piece is made by hand on the Island by the founder and designer, Madison. Balancing her self-taught design aesthetic with a love for the elegance of repetition, she uses semi-precious stones, metals, glass, and vintage findings to create each piece.  Her signature pieces are one of a kind statement necklaces.
Started in September of 2013 simply as a creative expression,  MLKANHNY has now become a full jewelry line that truly reflects Madison's unique perspective.

Necklace Giveaway:
     This Necklace is a lapis and brass pendant hung from a long delicate oxidized brass chain. The brass pieces are hexagons that have been hammered to texturize and sit behind the lapis creating an eye catching backdrop that brings out the brilliant blues.
(Total length: 34 in. Price: 30 $)
     Now, here is how to enter. Follow MLKANHNY on Facebook or Instagram, share this post, and hashtag #mlkanhnygiveaway. The winner will be announced when my full interview with Madison Bodenmann launches at the end of next week.

Enjoy and thank you for sharing!

love always, dallas