Friday, August 29, 2014

Himalayan Chai Goes to Seattle Hemp Fest

Welcome back! It has been a long few weeks, but I have finally managed to upload our photos from Hempfest and put them into a blog post.  
Going to Seattle Hempfest was a big move for Himalayan Chai and there was a lot of unknown. Besides the friends and family from that area that had tried our chai, we had no idea what the market would be like. The costs to get there were high, but we knew what we had to do to make the trip successful. We spent the week prior buying Moscow out of all their mason jars to make what ended up being close to 120 gallons of chai tea concentrate. 
We finished jarring our last batch an hour before we left town and six of us hopped into the car and began what was one of the most fun weekend of our lives. We arrived in Seattle around 2 am Friday morning. All of us were desperate for sleep but we couldn't get ahold of our contact to set up our tents in his backyard, so we drove over to a park in Ballard and set up camp behind some trees where we couldn't really be seen. 
The next morning we were up at 6 am and on our way to our first day at Hempfest. We were in the Bassdrop Village and coincidentally right next to the stage which meant high traffic for us. So for the next three days we went through the motions of set up, sell, tear down from 10 am to 11pm. Our slowest day was Friday because most people were still at work, but once the weekend actually began we were slammed the entire day. 
Below is a timeline of photos for you to get an idea of our Seattle Hempfest experience. The company received a lot of positive feedback from customers and is hoping to expand that direction very soon! Enjoy.

 Day One: Friday, August 17th
Day Two: Saturday, August 18th
                          Final Day: Sunday, August 19th