Saturday, July 26, 2014

Denim & my Eric Michael Sandals

I have to say, the denim jacket is definately my "go-to" summer item. Not only does it do what it's supposed to on those chilly summer nights after the sun goes down, but it also works with nearly any outfit. I love the idea of wearing blue and white together, and adding in this sheer lace dress was the perfect fit. 

Now, I have to brag about these sandals because they are the most comfortable and fashionable sandal I have seen or worn. My grandmother has told me that I need to wear sandals that have more support than the ones that are practically just cardboard soles. So, I did some research and came across this pair of Eric Michael sandals. Not only are they totally chic (and made in Spain) but I could walk in them all day long and not feel any pain in my feet. They are great and I would definately recommend everyone gets a pair. The featured necklace is from MLKANHNY jewelry that I interviewed in one of my previous posts that matches perfectly with the simple flow of this outfit.

Below I have listed where you can find these items or something similar if they are no longer available.

love always, dallas

jacket: Levi's
dress: Available (old) similar
sandals: Eric Michael
bag: Dooney & Bourke (old) similar

lipstick: Glo Cosmetics
sunnies: Michael Kors (out of stock) similar
necklace: MLKANHNY (out of stock) similar

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Friday, July 18, 2014

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale has BEGUN!

As much as I hate to think about school only being a month away, it is my reality and as we all know mid-July is the time of year where all the stores in town stock up on school supplies. I think it starts to set a bit of the "back-to-school blues" in us college students, knowing we only have about a month left of complete freedom from our studies. Apart from buying my school supplies around this time, it is also usually a hint that the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is just around the corner! Well, the sale began yesterday and lasts all week; in-store and online. Below are just a few of my favorite picks for fall! 

Enjoy and love always, dallas.

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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Fourth of July Inspo

Fourth of July is getting so close and has always been one of my favorite holidays! The sun, the water, the SMELL of fireworks. Ah, I couldn't be more excited. Here, I have an inspiration board of some pieces that I will be wearing this year! What are your Fourth of July must-haves?

love always, dallas.

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